13 cm (2300 Mhz) transverter

1296 MHz Transverter v.2.2


Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band.

The new design v 2.2 of our transverter features better performance and some new functions. Our new transverter's design (v 2.2) offers better performance and some new functions.


Due to its small dimensions and light weight this transverter is suitable for portable or stationary operation.

How to order:

  • Emmision Modes: SSB, AM, CW , FM
  • 2W output power
  • Low noise figure GaAs HEMT input stage
  • High performance UP / DOWN converters
  • High stability TCXO
  • Internal Tx/Rx switch
  • Split-frequency operation option (selectable, require additional soldering)
  • Internal Directional Coupler
  • PTT can be switched by connecting PTT to ground, by RF power (selectable) or by DC voltage
  • RX/TX switching:
    • push PTT input to ground
    • RF VOX
    • apply DC voltage to coax cable
  • Output SWR indicator - bi-color LED
  • Optimal input power indicator - bi-color LED
  • Integrated Sequencer
  • Repeater operation option : -28 / -6 MHz LO shift TX (selectable)
  • Working via repeater: default -28 MHz LO offset (selectable)

General Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Frequency range RF 1240 1296 1300 MHz
LO Frequency: Normal Mode
1152 (or 1150 / 1154 )
LO Frequency: Repeater Mode - 28 MHz

1124 / 1122 / 1126

LO Frequency: Repeater Mode - 6 MHz
1146 / 1144 / 1148

LO Accuracy at 20°C
+/- 1
LO temp. stability
+/- 2.5
Supply Voltage 12
13.8 V
Current Consumption

0.8 A
Dimensions 104 x 114 x 25 mm
Input Power 0.2
5 W
Output Power 1.8 2.0 2.5 W
Receive Gain , Adjustable -5
+10 dB
Noise Figure
Spurious response rejection

Front panel indicators and connectors

Controls and jumpers inside the box

To adjust input power :
  1. Adjust transceiver's output power between 0.2 и 5 W.
  2. Place the transceiver in transmit mode
  3. Carefully rotate TX POWER trimmer until Input LED lights green.
No input power or input power is too low
Input power is low
Input power is OK
Caution! Input power is too high!
Monitoring SWR
When in TX mode Output LED indicates SWR as follows:
Excellent output SWR.
Moderate output SWR
Caution! High output SWR!

1 OFF : Normal operation
ON   : Repeater mode , LO shift: -28 MHz
OFF : FLO= 1152 MHz

FIF= 144 - 146 MHz
ON : FLO= 1150 MHz

FIF= 146 - 148 MHz
3 OFF: Normal
ON: -6 MHZ shift in repeater mode
4 OFF: PTT ON by connecting PTT input to GND
ON  : PTT is also RF activated with IF input power >0.2W ( RF VOX )

SWR voltage connector
Connect high impedance voltmeter to measure forward and reflected wave
FWD Voltage of forward wave
REF Voltage of reflected wave
GND Ground

PWR ON Transverter can be DC powered by coaxial cable.e
VTT ON PTT can be switched on by applying DC voltage 5-15 V A bias tee is needed to insert DC power into coaxial cable.

3.5 mm audio jack
Tip PTT, active: LOW
Ring Sequencer output, open collector NPN transistor 30V/0.3A max. Time delay: 25 ms after PTT LOW

  Measured results:

Oscillator phase noise

Output spectrum